Snap-in Dentures

Traditional dentures can be tricky to use successfully, which is why implant-supported or snap-in dentures are becoming a more popular solution.

What is a Snap-in Denture?

Instead of resting directly on your gums, the denture is held firmly in place with two or four dental implants optimally placed in the jawbone. The exact number of implants required varies, depending on if you need an upper or lower denture retained. Sometimes it might be possible to support a lower denture securely with just two dental implants. Upper dentures need a greater number of implants because the upper jawbone is naturally softer. The denture has specialised attachments underneath that clip onto the implants, or a bar fitted over the implants. Sometimes using a precision metal bar gives better function and support. You can snap out the denture whenever you need to clean it.

What are the Advantages of Snap-in Dentures?

Once in the mouth, a snap-in denture will feel strong and secure, increasing your bite strength so you can enjoy a greater choice of foods, including those that are harder and stickier. You will not need to worry that your teeth will move uncomfortably and embarrassingly when talking, and you can smile confidently. Because your dentures no longer rest on your gums, any painful sore spots caused by loose dentures are eliminated, and the reduced pressure helps to protect your jawbone. The bone around the dental implants is preserved from further bone loss, as bone resorption, or shrinkage, naturally occurs after you lose your real teeth.

Who Can Have Snap-in Dentures?

Most people are suitable for treatment, and when you visit Woombye Dental, we can assess your dental and medical health to ensure snap-in dentures are the best solution. During this appointment, we can discuss treatment more fully and explain what to expect, and of course, we can answer all your questions.

What is the Process for Snap-in Dentures?

We plan treatment very carefully, taking a cone beam CT scan of your mouth to see the quality and amount of jawbone available for dental implant placement. Our implant dentist reviews the 3-D image to identify the best location, depth, and angulation for each implant. It is an important process because accurately placing the implants ensures the procedure is shorter and more comfortable for you, and that we can make a new Snap-in implant denture that looks and feels comfortable and which functions properly.

Once we are happy with your treatment plan, we create a computer-generated guide. The guide ensures we can replicate this plan precisely during implant placement. After we have inserted the implants, we will fit a temporary set of teeth for use while your implants heal. We can often adapt an existing denture for use during healing. When your implants have healed, we can create and fit your new snap-in denture, completing treatment.