If you are a Health Fund member

Get a Gap Free Dental Check-Up & Clean for you and your family. No Gap check-ups are available to all eligible family members on your policy, so you can book the whole family in for a dental Check-up & Clean without the out-of-pocket expense. We provide on the spot easy patient claims through HICAPS.

Not in a Health Fund?

No worries! We have a fixed price of only $149 for both new and existing patients.

This offer includes:

Comprehensive Dental Check-Up & Scale

Professional Clean and Polish

Dental and Medical History Discussion

X-rays (if required)

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Health Treatment Plan

Regular Examination

Your regular dental examination is the cornerstone of any good preventive dental care plan. Most people will need to visit Woombye Dental every six months. It is well worth booking these appointments, even if you feel your teeth are healthy and strong.

Why See a Dentist Regularly?

Regularly visiting one of our skilled dentists, allows us to monitor your dental health closely, detecting any changes at a stage when they are easier and quicker to treat using techniques that are less invasive and more comfortable. In the longer term, regular dental care is the most cost-effective way to protect and preserve your natural teeth.

What to Expect During Your Regular Dental Examination?

At every appointment, we will ask if you have noticed any changes to your oral health or if there have been any changes to your general health, including any new medications. These changes could affect the treatments recommended. We carefully assess each tooth and the condition of any restorations. Fillings, crowns and bridges and veneers eventually need replacing as they age, ensuring they continue to provide optimal protection for your teeth. If necessary, we will take dental x-rays. Usually, an adult with good dental health only requires x-rays every two years or so.

Protecting Your Overall Health

Your oral health is closely connected with your general health, and maintaining healthy gums is especially important. Gum disease, a bacterial infection, is a frequent cause of tooth loss. It has been linked to serious health problems, including respiratory illnesses, heart disease, dementia and diabetes. We take detailed records of your gum health at each dental examination for comparison at your next appointment. If you have early signs of gum disease, we can provide appropriate treatment before it adversely affects your oral and general health. Sometimes undiagnosed medical issues can create changes in your oral health. Our dentists can detect any changes, providing suitable treatment and advice.

What Will Happen If You Need Treatment?

After your check-up, our dentist will review their findings with you. Sometimes we might choose to monitor a tiny issue to see if it develops further, so you may not need treatment immediately. If you do have a problem that requires dental care, we will provide a treatment plan. Your custom treatment plan will show all possible options and will include a breakdown of the cost of each procedure.

Ensuring You Understand Any Treatment Needed

When there is more than one solution, we will discuss these options with you, so you fully understand the differences between the treatments involved. Our dentists love educating patients and are great at explaining procedures without using tricky terminology that is hard to understand, especially while you are in the dental chair. We always encourage questions, so please ask if you do not quite understand or if you want to know more about your dental health or any treatments that are recommended.