Once natural teeth are removed then the bone that used to surround them gradually begins to reabsorb and this may be an issue if you wish to have dental implants. This is because dental implants need to fuse with your jawbone, requiring a certain amount of healthy bone for a successful treatment. Having sufficient bone also ensures a good aesthetic outcome. If your implant dentist in Woombye has discovered you do not have enough bone, then please do not worry as a bone graft will solve the problem.

Woombye Dental provide cheap and best dental bone grafting servicesShould I Be Concerned If I Need a Bone Graft?

There is no need to be concerned as bone grafting is very straightforward and has become increasingly common as more people choose dental implants. Our dentists will make sure you are comfortable and pain-free right throughout the treatment. The materials used in bone grafting are very sophisticated and are extremely safe.

Will a Bone Graft Lengthen the Overall Treatment Time?

It is possible that a bone graft may extend the overall treatment time by three to six months as your bone graft will need time to integrate with your natural bone. If you only require a tiny amount of bone then it might be possible to place it at the same time as your dental implants. Even if it does lengthen the overall treatment time, dental implants can be a long-lasting solution, so it is well worth spending a little longer on this procedure.

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