Orthodontic ASSESSMENT

As your family dentist in Woombye, we love seeing children for regular dental check-ups. During these regular examinations, one of the things we will be assessing is the development of their teeth and jaws. If we think they will benefit, we may recommend your child has an orthodontic assessment. This can take place around age seven.

Here at Woombye Dental, we can help all your family gain a straighter smile.Why Might My Child Need an Orthodontic Assessment?

By the time your child is aged seven it will be possible for an orthodontist to see how their teeth will develop, including teeth that have yet to erupt, allowing them to assess if there will be any problems that may include overcrowding or misalignment or bite issues. An orthodontic assessment can also be very useful for children with oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking or tongue thrusting.

At What Age Can They Have Treatment?

Sometimes it is possible for a child to have early interceptive orthodontic treatment which can take place between the ages of seven and ten. By timing orthodontics to coincide with growth spurts, an orthodontist can correct any problems that may already present and can guide the growth of their teeth and jaws to prevent or reduce any future problems. Quite often treatment is split into two different phases, with the second phase taking place when a child is twelve or thirteen. The nice thing about early orthodontic treatment is that it can reduce or eliminate the need for tooth extractions and may well reduce the amount of time required wearing braces for treatment while they are in their teens.

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