Achieving a straighter smile has never been easier

A straighter smile looks more attractive, can potentially be healthier, and it has never been easier to achieve. Woombye Dental can provide adults and children with access to a range of the very latest braces utilising the most advanced technologies.

Explore Our Options

Possible choices include conventional fixed braces, which are proven to be highly effective for precisely repositioning teeth. Younger children may benefit from a referral for early orthodontic treatment. Adults and older teenagers are often concerned about wearing conventional fixed metal braces but there are some very discreet treatment options. These include fixed braces with clear ceramic brackets, while Invisalign clear removal aligners can produce excellent results. Unlike conventional fixed braces, lingual braces use brackets that are fitted to the inner surfaces of teeth, so they are virtually invisible.

If you are interested in orthodontics, then why not contact our friendly dental team? Achieving evenly aligned teeth may be quicker and easier than you imagine.

Oct, 02, 2020