DIY Easter Egg Baskets

Get your entire family crafting with these easy ideas for DIY Easter egg baskets.

  1. Take a simple wicker basket and decorate it with felt flowers that are easy and entertaining to make.
  2. If your little ones are mad about unicorns, why not make a magical unicorn Easter basket? It’s simple to make a unicorn horn from felt, plus the unicorn ears, and make a mane out of multicoloured pom-poms.
  3. Make an entire Easter basket out of felt stiffened with a glue mixture that makes it strong enough to fill with Easter goodies. It’s perfect if you are on a tighter budget or need to make a lot of Easter baskets as it only cost a few dollars to make.
  4. Cover an Easter basket with faux moss and decorate it with flowers for a unique centrepiece.
  5. Use heavyweight scrapbooking paper to weave an Easter basket which you can fill with goodies and perhaps a few hand-dyed Easter eggs.
  6. Make some Easter treat cones from carrot coloured card and which can hold quite a few small Easter treats. They make an excellent idea for an Easter brunch where you can make one for every family member.

Mar, 25, 2020