What Is World Oral Health Day and What Does It Mean for You?

Did you know we celebrate World Oral Health Day each March? All too often, people take good oral health for granted, but we’d urge you to pause for a few minutes and to think about what your mouth needs to accomplish every day. Without good oral health, it’s challenging to eat healthily, and it can cause problems with speaking and laughing with others. When you have poor oral health, it can even affect your overall health and may increase your risk of developing serious health problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

Here at Woombye Dental, we use this month to help inspire our patients to look after their oral health more carefully. Patient education is an enormously important part of our practice, and we can work with you to help you obtain optimal oral health and can show you how to maintain it easily. With the right oral care, many common diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease, are avoidable.

Mar, 25, 2020