Introducing EMS Airflow Therapy – The Greatest Dental Spa Experience

Traditionally teeth are cleaned professionally by scaling them, using hand tools to scrape away hardened tartar (calculus). However, there is a newer technology called EMS Airflow, which is faster, more efficient, and more comfortable.


What is EMS Airflow Therapy?

Instead of scaling your teeth, this therapy uses a pressurised stream of warm water, air and a fine powder to clean your teeth gently. The therapy is ideal for getting too hard to reach areas, effectively removing plaque and tartar and food particles. It also helps to lift some surface stains from teeth. Treatment also feels quite pleasant as the water is heated to a comfortable temperature, so it’s a little like having a spa treatment for your teeth.


Other Benefits of Using This Therapy

There can be several advantages in using EMS Airflow as treatment can clean around dental appliances extremely efficiently. It is an excellent procedure for cleaning around orthodontic brackets, and it is especially good if you have dental implants. While dental implants are easy to care for, they need to be cleaned meticulously. Regular professional cleanings are especially important to ensure the gum and bone around your implants remains healthy and strong.

Sep, 05, 2021